The 2010 Showdown, a rebuttal

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OK!  The “Evil Empire” (Brett) has won the first round at Way Too Cool. I will admit he looked pretty studly running with his pretty little blue shirt, and was probably turning all the girls heads.  (and) I will admit that he beat me by 5 minutes at Cool.  At the finish he looked like he could run another 100 miles – so I went to bed Saturday night after the race thinking – How can I level the playing field so that I am not stuck wearing a banana costume?  The last thing I want to do is to tell the world that I am Brett Rivers’ B$%tch at the end of the season because of some crazy bet!

Hanging out with Nathan and Brett after the 2009 Lake Sonoma 50. I’m pretty sure Brett was too scared to race us that day.

I thought maybe I could “Nancy Kerrigan” him (but where do you find a guy with a tire iron for hire these days?).  I thought I could “convince” Larissa to let the air out of his tires the night before a race, but I realized that wouldn’t work as Larissa seems to be racing more than Brett and they are probably running the same races.  Maybe I could get Nathan to take Brett on a backcountry run and leave him out in the woods, but Brett would probably go “Survivorman” and find his way back. Then my wife suggested that I just train harder!… What is she is crazy!

Thats when I realized – Brett is — what 15 yrs old??? and I am 43 (which means I am really more like 60 because I teach and work with kids!) In reality 16 yrs separate us – and I figure its fair that Brett should give me 3 minutes of time for every year that separates us! In the 100 milers it should be at least 20 minutes.

If you are reading this and are confused, Brett and I have a small bet riding on the 2010 racing season since we are doing so many races together – WTC, LS 50, Miwok 100k , TRT100, Pine to Palm 100, and probably more. Whoever loses on time has to dress up in a costume and crew at a race for the winner.  Overall time of the 5+ races wins.  So what do you think?  Let me know your comments – and remember – Brett has been acting ” a little” cocky lately, and we will all get a good laugh at Brett’s expense while he is stuck wearing a banana costume crewing for me!


Running in the Headlands during the Headlands Hundred

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