Favorite Pre and Post-Race Meals,Whats Your Fuel!

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Congratulations to the four winners of the Montrial-Trail Run Times “My First Ultra”contests,definitely check out the great recaps by David, Lisa, Thomas and Trisha!  So what is the the subject of the contest for week 3?  FOOD!  If you are like me,a post-run feast is probably something you talk about more than anything else while out logging long miles.  If you ever find yourself on a long run with friends Devon Crosby-Helms and Nathan Yanko then you are really in for it as they are both trained chefs!

So what do the Pro’s eat before and after a big race?  Several members of Team Montrail were kind enough to share their favorite pre and post-race meals.  The responses are as varied as the Montrail Pro’s themselves and are as equally entertaining as the characters of the runners that make up the team. (check out the Montrail team blog for proof)

Bev Anderson-Abbs:  Pre-race –the night prior I will have either pasta with just a little sauce for flavor or white rice with some chicken or egg mixed in.  Kind of boring,I know,but my system is pretty sensitive and anything spicy or acidic will not be good during the race.  The morning of,a plain bagel with peanut butter and/or Ensure.  Post-race –after shorter races (50k/50mile) pizza or pasta of some kind,this time with sauce,chicken,and veggies.  After longer races,especially 100 milers –scrambled eggs.

Annette Bednosky:  A preferred Pre-Race evening meal –Veggie sandwich,a small bowl of chicken noodle soup and 2 glasses of red wine. Usually I am eating in a campsite or at a motel heating food on a camp stove or in my room. I have a collapsible wine glass I use for travel.  If it is a 100 miler,I try to regulate my system and eat the same thing for supper all week long!  Preferred Post-Race Meal –A cold beer as an appetizer and then grilled chicken and grilled veggies,bread or potatoes. Generous amounts of red wine and good companionship! (check out Annette’s blog)

Francesca Conte:  Pre-Race –
Toast with “Nutella”. If you don’t know what Nutella is,you have been missing the boat!  As an awesome European invention,I basically grew up on this stuff.  It’s hazelnut butter mixed with chocolate.  I put it on toast,bagels,bars…The more the merrier.  
Immediately Post-Race –lasagna,pasta,or chicken soup always sounds the best.  The day following the race I’ll get the fattest piece of meat available,which usually ends up being a rib-eye.  Nothing like gristle after a race!

Eric Grossman:  Pre-Race –I gotta be healthy at this point.  I go with plain whole yogurt with peeled apple sections and walnuts.  Post-Race –I’m not thinking healthy at this point;I’m thinking greasy,filling,fattening,high calories:a burger,fries,and a Coke.

Matt Hart:  Pre-Race –Quinoa with chicken and mass veggies.  Post-Race –A recovery drink first. Then fruit and some salmon with veggies. (check out Matt’s site and blog)

Sean Meissner:  The night before a race –if I’m somewhere I can cook,it’s usually pasta with a little butter and cheese,and I drink lots of nuun. Usually I’m out camping before a race and often don’t take a stove,so I’ve had more Spicy Italian Subway sandwiches the night before races than I can count;and lots of nuun with the sandwich,too.  Race morning –pb&j sandwich,banana (if I can choke it down),and more nuun.  Post-race – immediately after,either Clif Vanilla recovery drink or Ultragen Tropical Punch recovery drink.  Then it’s time for the fat,salt,and protein.  My favorite is cheese fries with lots of salt!  And if I’ve been “Mr. Pukey”for much of the race,a couple pieces of KFC extra crunchy really helps soothe the stomach.  Yes,it sounds totally disgusting,but it works. (check out Sean’s blog)

Terri Schneider:  The night before –pasta with sauce,chicken –eaten late afternoon.  Bland,boring and I usually have to make myself eat it.  The morning of a race:a bagel w/ butter usually chewed while driving to the race. I don’t usually want it so it will get carried around in my teeth for a while.  Post-race –I eat what I crave,so a tough call on picking just one thing. Most likely I’ll cover 2 of the most important post-race food groups –salt and fat. The other ultra running food group –sugar –is avoided at all cost post race (unless it comes in the form of beer or wine).  In a 100 miler I most certainly have OD’ed on sugar. (check out Terri’s site and blog)

Erik Skaden:  Both pre-race and post-race a favorite meal for me is steak medium well.  On the side,corn,mashed potatoes,and a side salad.

Joelle Vaught:  The night before a race I always have pizza.  It seems like the best combination of carbs/protein/fat to get me fueled!  It usually has chicken,sundried tomatoes,mushrooms,maybe spinach.  The morning prior to the race I prefer a banana and usually a big poppyseed muffin (Costco!)  After a race I usually crave pasta,or nachos often sound great,I guess it is because of all the salt!

So …what is YOUR Fuel?  What is your go-to meal the night or morning before a race,and what do you crave afterwards?  Leave a comment with your favorite pre and post-race meals and we will draw a lucky male and female winner to each receive a pair of Montrail sandals!  Nothing like kicking back,letting the dogs breathe in a pair of Molokai or Maka Slides (pictured below) while grubbing on a big post-race feast right!?  Leave your responses by 11:59 PM Pacific on Sunday,August 23.  Larissa and I will draw a male and female winner at random on Monday as soon as we get back from having some fun up in Oregon running the Where’s Waldo 100k,race #1 of the 2009-2010 Montrail Ultra Cup.  So to sum it up,share your favorite pre and post-race fuel,win sandals —good luck!*

*if we ever run together,you are required to make this meal post-run.  Ok,I’m joking,its my appetite talking 


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